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Latest Trends in the Hospitality Industry

July 12, 2023 04 : 26 pm

Sustainability & Eco-Tourism

These days, eco-friendly practices are becoming the norm in the hospitality industry. Accommodation providers are now beginning to consider the environmental impact of everything they use; from plastic straws to the need for lights to turn off automatically when a guest leaves their room. There will be an increase in travelers who seek hotels that follow the same path. To prepare, hotels should consider ways to be as carbon-neutral as possible.

Minimalism and natural design

Your guests will not want to leave your home if you have clean lines and less clutter because it creates a sense of calm and beauty that is so immersive. Ditch the wallpaper for painted walls instead, and don’t forget to add plants! It is all about finding a way to get away from the concrete jungle in which we are all currently living. It is a means of reconnecting with the natural world and appreciating its splendor.

Changes to food and beverage

In the past, a significant portion of the hospitality industry consisted of fast-food restaurants and bars that sold sugary alcoholic drinks. Today, these types of establishments have become less common. On the other hand, there has been a shift in culture, with people becoming more aware of the things they are putting into their bodies, which has led to a trend toward healthy food and drinks. However, hotels, catering services, and even vacations are now embracing the latest trends in the hospitality industry for healthy food and beverages, with healthier room service options available everywhere.

Smart Technology

Hotel reservation systems are an absolute must-have for any and all accommodation providers. They ensure that your guests can make reservations without any hassle, and they also help your staff make better use of the time they have. Hotel reservation systems that keep track of each reservation, as well as all of the relevant details that you require, are available. This will provide you with all the information you need to have a better understanding of your guests, their references, and the upgrades that you sell the most.

Personalization for returning guests       

There are numerous strategies for implementing personalization. For example, hotels can use GPS tracking and guest reservation information to automatically provide repeat guests with the same level of service they received during their previous stay and to personally greet them upon their arrival. In addition, guests can be allowed to use their own devices and login information for online entertainment services, thanks to the proliferation of smart devices.

Smart Rooms

The rooms in an increasing number of hotels are undergoing a process of modernization in which cutting-edge technology is being incorporated. Wireless charging, smart controls like Amazon Alex and Google Nest, the Internet of things, soundproofing, and other features will allow travelers to accomplish anything they want in their hotel room while scarcely lifting a muscle. The guests will be able to travel with as little stress as possible thanks to the smart rooms.

Traveler Preferences

Travelers are looking for new experiences, whether they are in the form of wellness, outdoor activities, gastronomy, or a specific interest such as sports or music. They may be traveling alone, in a group, or for business, and they may learn about a destination or travel brand through social media rather than through traditional marketing channels. This could be the case regardless of whether they are traveling for pleasure or business.

After a difficult time for all aspects of the economy, businesses re-enter the market armed with all of their most recent innovations in an effort to win back the favor of their clientele. The hospitality and tourism industry makes everything available to its customers. As the pace of technological advancement quickens, businesses such as hotels are increasingly adopting cutting-edge tools such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The hospitality industry is consistently experiencing robust growth.

Why should students keep themselves updated with the new trends?

In conclusion, emerging trends and start-ups in the hotel industry offer valuable learning opportunities and benefits for students in hospitality and hotel management. By studying these trends and start-ups, students gain insights into technology and innovation, personalized guest experiences, sustainability practices, the sharing economy, entrepreneurship, and career development. This knowledge equips students with the skills and mindset necessary to excel in the dynamic and evolving hotel industry, fostering their professional growth and success.

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