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Top Hospitality Trends of 2021

August 13, 2021 04 : 50 pm

It’s a trend in itself to talk about trends, predict them and try to foresee the future. The future of the hospitality and hotel industries is a hot topic with many possible ways of succeeding. The Indian hospitality brands are now preparing themselves to provide guests in the newly distancing social world with contactless, seamless, and exceptional hospitality services.

Hoteliers are asking if demand will continue to increase. The answer is a resounding “Yes”! Restoring and reinventing the entertainment company is a top priority for leaders in 2021, focusing on bringing guests back and strengthening a qualified staff. In order to capture and retain existing employees, hospitality leaders across all vertical areas are expected to leverage new and existing digital technologies. Industry leaders will also stress the safety of employees and guests as a cornerstone of their culture and core values.

Enhanced Hygiene Protocols

As the world adjusts to the virus and efforts to contain its spread, a number of hospitality trends can be broadly described as being related to safety and hygiene. These have become especially important with the emergence of COVID. Measures may include the provision of hand gel, increased cleaning of areas where customers will be present, the implementation of policies requiring the use of masks or other protective equipment, and the enforcement of social distancing rules.

Smart Rooms

More and more hotels are modernizing their rooms and incorporating cutting-edge technology. Wireless charging, smart controls like Amazon Alex and Google Nest, the internet of things, soundproofing, and other features will allow travelers to accomplish anything they want in their hotel room while scarcely lifting a muscle. Smart rooms will allow guests to be as relaxed as possible while on a trip.

Going Green

The emphasis on environmental sustainability is not new, but the extent to which guests prefer environmentally friendly products and services is. Simply suggesting that guests reuse their towels for an extra day isn’t enough; today’s traveler prefers to stay at hotels that have integrated green practices into all aspects of their operations. Physical changes to hotel buildings, such as the addition of solar panels, to F&B menus with more vegetarian and vegan options demonstrate that these environmentally friendly trends are here to stay.

Contactless Payments

The coronavirus pandemic has increased demand for contactless payments, in addition to removing friction and improving the customer experience. Many customers and employees are uncomfortable handling cash, so offering the option for contactless payments may be viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury now.

Robot Staff

Robots are becoming increasingly popular for simple tasks. They’re sanitary, work even at odd hours, and, let’s be honest, they’re a pretty cool unique selling point for hotels. Some travelers may find being served by a robot unsettling, while others may welcome the opportunity to avoid having to interact with humans while staying at their hotel. Robots are increasingly being used in hotels to help automate check-in and check-out, carry luggage, act as concierges, and provide room service.

Wellness Travel

One of the most popular recent trends has been wellness travel, which involves people traveling to improve their physical and mental health in order to achieve a general sense of well-being. Travelers are becoming more health-conscious, with technology allowing people to keep a closer eye on their health.

Unique Brand Experiences

Many hotels are now beginning to differentiate their brand by doing something unique with the way their property is designed or laid out. Travelers are increasingly looking for cool, experiential hotel stays, so anything a hotel can do to provide a novelty factor will be advantageous.

Traveler Preferences

Travelers are looking for new experiences, whether they are in the form of wellness, outdoor activities, gastronomy, or a specific interest such as sports or music. They may be traveling alone, in a group, or for business, and they may learn about a destination or travel brand through social media rather than traditional marketing channels.

Businesses return to the market with all their new weapons to please their customers after a dark period for all economic sectors. Everything is available in the hotel and tourism industry. Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are increasingly being used in hotels as technology continues to transform our entire society. The hospitality industry is always booming. The hotel management courses offered by Chennais Amirta are more valuable in the industry because they are certified directly by renowned universities. Study hotel management at the best hotel management college in India – Chennais Amirta.

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