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Career in Housekeeping

March 12, 2022 12 : 05 pm

Housekeeping has evolved!

Gone are the days when housekeeping was regarded as a back-of-the-house department tasked with a variety of cleaning tasks. Modern housekeeping has transformed the appearance of hotel housekeeping. A housekeeper’s job description has expanded to include not only the hotel’s cleaning needs but also the needs of the guests. They must also interact with both the guests and the staff. As a result, a housekeeper must be intelligent, confident, and adaptable when dealing with guests. The housekeeping department plays an important role in the hotel industry. Housekeeping staff perform important tasks to keep the hotel running smoothly, and a housekeeping job can be an excellent stepping stone to a successful and rewarding career in hotel management.

The Housekeeping Department

In a hotel’s housekeeping department, there’s never a dull moment! The entire team collaborates to make the hotel sparkle – literally – so that guests have the best experience possible. It is one of the special departments in the hospitality industry that is regarded as the organization’s backbone because it represents the company’s quality and image.

Cleanliness is an uncompromising attribute of any hotel which is offered by the one and only housekeeping department. The housekeeping section bears significant responsibility for maintaining a pleasant appearance. Housekeeping is the only department that assists in the operation of a hotel and has always remained out of sight, performing its never-ending duties 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide a hygienic, fresh, clean atmosphere and relief to everyone who enters the hotel.

A successful career in housekeeping

Housekeeping provides excellent job opportunities in a variety of locations around the globe. Working as a housekeeper in the upscale domestic service industry is a thrilling experience. Working for top-tier properties, estates, boutique hotels, chalets, and yachts are all options. It’s an exciting industry where no two days are the same, and where great career advancements are possible if you work hard and keep improving.

A multifaceted approach is required of the housekeeping professional. The job of a housekeeper necessitates a wide range of abilities. A good professional housekeeper must possess a unique set of qualities, skills, and personality characteristics. An overall excellent career in housekeeping requires a genuine interest in the job, team spirit, a caring attitude, and an eye for detail.

Here’s a partial list of advanced career opportunities in housekeeping

Housekeeping Manager

Housekeeping managers oversee the entire housekeeping department operations, including managing, training, and evaluating the housekeeping staff, performing quality checks on all rooms, and coordinating with appropriate departments for maintenance requests.

Director of Housekeeping

Directors of housekeeping are employed by larger luxury hotels with more than 500 rooms to ensure that the housekeeping department provides excellent customer service.

Laundry Manager

This position oversees the operations of the laundry department, ensuring the timely delivery of bed sheets, towels, and other linen and terry products.

Front Desk Manager

This position ensures that the concierge, receptionists, and all front-desk employees carry out their duties and responsibilities as expected.

Public Area Manager

Cleanliness of all hotel public areas, including the lobby, conference rooms, pool area, and hotel exteriors is a responsibility of this position.

Job opportunities in housekeeping are huge. A candidate can opt for in any of the following fields apart from hotels:

  • Facility management
  • Hostels, hospitals
  • Horticulture
  • Consultation
  • Cruise liners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Academics

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