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Hotel Management – Job Opportunities Abroad

April 5, 2022 06 : 15 pm

In India, Hotel Management is one of the most popular degrees. This is because the employment options after completing hotel management or hospitality school are virtually endless in both the domestic and international market, making it a worthwhile course for anyone with the abilities necessary to succeed in the hotel management business. In this article, we’ll look at some of the career options available to you if you pursue a course in hotel management. Hotel management offers a wide range of employment opportunities in India and overseas, with excellent pay packages for all levels of experience. Let’s look at the various industries and the exciting work chances offered to hospitality students:

  • Guest Relations
  • Food and Beverage
  • Tourism
  • Event Planning
  • Entertainment and Leisure

One of the most appealing aspects of the hospitality industry is that it allows you to work in different countries. Any interesting location on the planet will almost certainly have a hotel waiting to welcome visitors. When it comes to working abroad at a hotel resort, the world is your oyster. Professionals in the hospitality industry with specialized skills will have an easier time finding work in other countries. Hotels will frequently set aside a number of visas for these skilled positions, often at the executive level, and will handle all of the legwork on the professional’s behalf in order to secure their services.

After completing hotel management courses, you can pursue a variety of careers!

Following a hotel management course, graduates can readily find management positions.

Chef – A chef has a variety of obligations in addition to cooking food and developing dishes for customers. Making menus, managing inventories, and adhering to food standards, laws, and regulations are just a few examples. Sous chefs, head chefs, executive chefs, pastry chefs, and so on are all distinct types of chefs. The team is led by a head chef, a sous chef handles all dinner preparation, and a pastry chef handles all desserts.

Culinary Director – He is in charge of all culinary services and develops a detailed strategy for the entire kitchen and serving crew. He’s also in charge of attending to the demands of visitors and guests. He also oversees the overall management of staff and delegation.

F & B Manager (Catering Manager) arranges menus for a variety of events. He also holds daily meetings with his team to explain the client’s needs.

Other jobs include:

  • Casino Host 
  • Spa Director 
  • Theme Park Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Tour Guide
  • Sous Chef
  • Front Office Manager 
  • Directors of Housekeeping 
  • Sommelier

The hotel management and hospitality industries, without a doubt, provide excellent professional prospects. Hotel management and hospitality play an important role in India’s service economy. According to estimates, the travel and tourism industry employed more than 8% of the country’s overall workforce.

India is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, drawing a considerable number of international visitors each year. Year after year, the number of domestic tourists in India increases. This is fantastic news for the countless business owners that rely on your annual vacation to make a living. It also benefits the thousands of students who enroll in hotel management schools each year in the hopes of commencing a career in the industry!

Choose a career in hospitality!

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