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Future Job Prospects in Tourism Industry

May 25, 2023 05 : 06 pm

Hospitality Industry – one of the fastest-growing industries in the world!

In India, the travel industry hopes to create 46 million job opportunities by 2025. The last two decades have seen unprecedented expansion in India’s travel and leisure industries, and Indian tourists have certainly evolved over time. They want to try new things, go to different places, and see the world.

Did you know that out of all the sectors, travel and tourism is actually the biggest contributor to the world economy? Globalization has had a positive influence on several industries including the travel and tourism sector. Hotels, events, travel & tourism, luxury services, food services, etc. fall under hospitality. Hotel management has expanded beyond hotels to include catering, clubs, food and beverage, resorts, airlines, cruises, and much more. The hospitality industry will look very different in 10-15 years than it does now. Hotels will become even more technologically advanced to accommodate the business/leisure traveler.

Job Prospects in Tourism Industry – Direct & Indirect Employment

It is possible for employment opportunities to be created either directly or indirectly in the tourism sector depending on the contribution that tourism makes. The total number of employment opportunities that are supported directly by travel and tourism is referred to as “direct employment opportunities.” For instance, employment in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tourism information offices, museums, palaces, religious sites, monuments, air crafts, cruise lines, resorts or shopping outlets, farmhouses, bed and breakfasts, and rural inns.

Tourism and hospitality also support indirect employment through restaurant suppliers, construction companies that build and maintain tourist facilities as well as necessary infrastructure, aircraft manufacturers, various handicrafts producers, marketing agencies, and accounting services, all of which are more or less dependent on the companies providing direct employment for their revenues. The economic impact of tourism is measured in terms of its effect on income, employment, investment and development; and balance of payment. 

A sea of opportunities!

The majority of an industry’s revenue is likely to come from wages and salaries paid to employees working in jobs that either directly serve the needs of tourists or benefit indirectly from the spending of tourists when the industry in question is one that relies heavily on labor, such as tourism and hospitality. Income will be high in tourist destinations that draw a large number of visitors; in locations where visitors stay the longest, customer spending will be at its highest. The ongoing drop in the price of international crude oil has brought about a reduction in the expense of traveling. All these are the main reasons for the growing number of tourist flow in the destinations. So, a huge workforce is required to provide services in the tourism industry. Due to these facts, tourism and hospitality sectors provide diversified employment opportunities.

A Career in Hospitality

Jobs in hospitality management can be both exciting and demanding. With so many openings, it’s easy to move up the ranks quickly in this field. Chennais Amirta is dedicated to preparing its students for success in the global business world. With the rising demand for hotels in India, the hotel management industry has huge growth potential in the coming future. Chennais Amirta focuses on helping students become job-ready and relevant to the international business environment. The demand for highly-skilled experts in this field is rising rapidly, not just in India but around the world. People working in this field tend to exude self-assurance, friendliness, and a sense of adventure. They are open-minded and enthusiastic about learning about other cultures.

Chennais Amirta offers a bunch of hospitality courses to cater to different segments of the industry. Did you know that the hotel management industry is pretty unique compared to other industries? The cool thing is that the skills and education you gain can take you all over the world! Wow, this course sounds like an amazing opportunity! Yes, it can lead to some really great job and career prospects.

Mr. T. Venkata Srikanth

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