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Importance of 3Cs – Communication, Connect, and Confidence

June 16, 2021 04 : 06 pm


In a hotel, compelling communication skills are essential, even if some employees are not in direct contact with guests. Professionals who communicate with confidence can clearly and efficiently communicate what they want to their clients and coworkers. In order to advance in your career, you must be able to communicate effectively. With customer satisfaction so important in the hospitality industry, better communication can contribute significantly to your standard of service.


We can move from “I know how” to “I’ll try” to “I’m doing it” with confidence. We can continue to improve with confidence. Confidence not only increases competence, but it also has other benefits. It contributes directly to a more positive attitude and expectation, which is contagious and can help those around us grow as well. Confidence enables you to speak clearly and concisely.


Find at least one thing in common with each of the people you interact with. To do so, you’ll need to read a lot, be insatiably curious, and live a very active and diverse life—you’ll need to engage with what you’re talking about in order to capture true connection. Hotel management has a variety of goals and functions that vary depending on the industry. However, the company’s primary goal remains the same: to provide customers with the best service and a seamless experience from beginning to end.

On Hoteliers’ Connect Webinar conducted at CAIIHM, Bengaluru, Ms. Sushmita Sarkar spoke about the 3 Cs – Communication, Connect, and Confidence.

About the Speaker

Ms. Sushmita Sarkar is a Human Resource Professional (IT) at Conrad Hotels and Resorts, Bengaluru.

About the Webinar

100 participants attended the webinar from various batches where the participants gained insights on communication, expressing opinions, and interview etiquette. The webinar on “The 3Cs Communication, Connect and Confidence” was organized by the Training and Placement Department of CAIIHM Bengaluru through Google Meet.

Students’ Learning from the Webinar

Ms. Sushmita spoke about the perks of joining the hospitality industry and the probabilities to choose Human Resource as the career option. Her points on how to focus on the outcome, tuning in to one’s audience, and develop their messages for clarity and impact are the highlights of the webinar. She explained the topic in simple ways bringing out her life experience in walking through her career. The webinar also covered topics on how to make an unforgettable, positive first impression and develop techniques to “fit in” with any group. Ms. Sushmita mentioned the importance of grooming and presenting oneself in work life. When one presents himself/herself well, it boosts up their confidence.

Through interactive sessions, this webinar helped participants to

  • learn up-to-date techniques to ask better questions
  • improve their listening skills
  • communicate effectively – even in difficult situations

The students queried the speaker on tips about what the HR department looks for in a candidate, how to get promoted, and also about department swapping in hotels. The webinar brought new insights to our students with relation to measures and the confidence needed to apply these essential communication skills for success.

Hotel Management at Chennais Amirta

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